Upcoming Questions

Each month, research participants will receive an email alerting them that a new monthly diary prompt is available for their response. They will have the option to respond via text, audio recording, video recording, and/or photograph. Participants should NOT include video, photo, or audio recording of people other than themselves. Private submissions are allowed. Community responses will only be included on the website if the individual grants us permission to do so.

Future Visioning


Pretend it is the year 2070, and someone wants advice on how LGBTQIA+ adults can survive and thrive during difficult times. Maybe this person finds the stories from this research project and wants to hear your story. What would you share with them about surviving and thriving as an LGBTQIA+ adult, based on your experience of living during the COVID-19 pandemic? How would you tell the story of this historical moment?

Some people have compared COVID-19 to other major world events, such as World War II, the Great Depression, or the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Are there ways in which lessons learned from such other events (whether you have lived through them or not) may have helped you be more resilient during this time?